Privacy Policy

EG A/S is committed to protecting your privacy and the Opus2i app is designed to be used as a "window" to some essential features and data in the server-based Opus2i hosted in customer environments, located on premise at EG A/S, customers operate the Opus2i software.

Any access to the Opus2i app is controlled by the customers local administrator. A user profile can be setup to access data via both iOS and PC platform, but can also be setup for just one of the platforms.

The Opus2i app is designed for professionals as an add-on access compared to the main Opus2i PC access. We do not collect any other personal information compared to the PC version.

Furthermore the Opus2i app do not add any other use or sharing of personal information than the PC version – only being a transparent frontend to the Opus2i software backend.

More information

You are always welcome to contact us. You can find phone numbers and addresses of our offices on our corporate site.

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At EG, we do our utmost to provide you with exactly the help you need. We are ready to support you quickly and efficiently so you do not lose valuable time.

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We work with our customers to anchor digital transformation.

Let's go further.

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